Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We went to Barnes and Noble yesterday. Michael checked out the magazines... and Abraham and I headed to the train table in the Children's Section as we always do. Only yesterday Abraham and I were joined by not one, but TWO sets of fraternal boy twins. My heart immediately froze.
If I were being honest, I think about Moses probably every other day. I wonder on a daily basis what it would have been like to have two boys around. But yesterday it smacked me in the face. To add to the slap, as I talked to the one dad, he shared that his boys were born after his wife was on 6 weeks of bedrest at 26 weeks. Man did that strike close to home.
Abraham played with these 4 boys for a good 30 minutes before I could take no more. It just put me in a place of wishing things could have been different. My humanness and perhaps my mother's heart makes me wish that even though he had Downs Sndrome, he could still be with us. I'd give my right arm to have him with us, healthy or not.
Some days are harder than others... yesterday was one of those harder days.

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