Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day at the Beach

Abraham and I spent a day last week at Rehoboth Beach with a friend of mine from school, Theresa and her 2 girls, Sadie and Vanessa. Sadie and Abraham go to the same day care and Theresa and I have been informed that they are going to marry each other! We actually quite approve of the match! :)

We had to take them to the Fun Land for some rides. I made Theresa ride the Teacups with them...

because Abraham had already gotten me on this ride and it went super fast forward and backward and nearly made me sick! :) oye!

They started out on different sides of the ride... then Sadie scooted over next to Abraham.. next thing we knew, Abraham had his arm on the back of the ride and she was sitting right next to him! My little flirt! :)

Goof ball!

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