Saturday, March 28, 2009

Visit with friends

Last weekend a good friend of mine, Laura and her kids passed through our town on their way home to NC and stopped for a bit to see us and to play at our favorite place, ChickFilA! Laura and I have been friends for... well forever it seems! Since our days at Word of Life back in
1996 -- wow, am I really THAT old?? Anyhow, we got to chat for an hour or so while the kids played. Our time was short but I am SO glad that she called and we were able to meet. This was actually the first time that I had ever met her kids. Anna is 7 and Isaac is 5.
Thanks Haggarty for stopping! It was great to meet your kiddos!
Love you!

Haggarty and Me

Laura, Anna and Isaac

Abraham felt VERY comfortable with Laura. He had met her before and I guess that was all he needed to be right at home with her -- silly boy!

Anna, Isaac and Abraham

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