Monday, March 2, 2009

Jump On It Fun Center

My sister and I took the kids to a really cool place to get their energies out - Jump On It Fun Center. It is super cool with tons of blow up, jumping things. We went today for open bounce from 3:30 - 5:00 and the kids literally played from the second we got in until just before 5 when we packed it up to go home. Whoever thought of this place was a genius! For a measely $6 a kid Abraham, Alex and Chloe were occupied, getting their energy out and having a good time! Parents can play for free - but thankfully for us the kids didn't need us around the whole time. We did get our cardio in however, jumping with them!
So the next time you are looking for something to do with the kids when they have been in the house too long because of snow days... check it out!

Yes, even I got into it!
Abraham and Chloe stop for a minute to pose

Spread eagle down the slide

Big Boy didn't need Momma this time!

Running fools!

Chloe girl loved it too!

KK and Bubba trying to stand in the the jumper!

It's a family affair! :)


Garden Girl said...

How fun is that! Loved the one of you coming down the slide!

Kate said...

SOOOOO stinkin' fun!!!! LOVE that we are close in location and can PLAY together!!!!! :D xoxo