Sunday, September 28, 2008

Christmas in September!

Today was the day... the day that I hauled my butt over to my mom's and climbed up in the attic to go through the fall/winter clothes that Abraham and I have. We have limited space in this apartment (have I mentioned lately that it is a small space??!) so we store stuff, okay lots of stuff, at my parents!
Anywho... I love going through the clothes for Abraham! It's like Christmas. I have 2 mom friends with boys older than Abraham who have passed clothes to us, which is so fantastic! You wouldn't believe the amount of clothing that we have gotten from them! Course when your Bubba is as tiny waisted as mine is some of the stuff won't fit him for like, 3 years!
This is what was pulled out of the attic for Bubba - some of which is going to consignment and the rest is ours!

Then came the dreaded task of putting away the summer stuff and getting out the fall/winter stuff. Yes, this is an all day project folks! It's not so much like Christmas for me with my clothes because I'm reminded of how ill-fitting my clothes are. Just gives me more motivation to LOOSE WEIGHT!! And since I have won THIS I am on my way!!
This is what my bedroom looked like as I pulled most of my summer stuff out of the closet and transferred the fall in. Michael always laughs at me with my TWO wardrobes! He has clothes for all year round - including his shorts which he will wear in the dead of winter, no lie! Must be that Georgia blood in him! :)

Finally I got it all done! The fall clothes smelled like attic so they got washed and hung to dry last night. The leftover clothes are sorted into the Goodwill pile and consignment pile. I have off on Tuesday so I guess that Abraham and I will be running around town trying to get rid of all this stuff!!

What did YOU do this weekend????


Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

Geez, you need to settle down there girl. You did like three weeks of Tackle it Tuesdays in a weekend. My weekend tackle was decorating for fall. I'm still working on it!! You just reminded me that I really need to switch the clothes too. I had to get pretty much everything for Dyl since he has grown taller. We run into the same problem with waists though cause he is a skinny man. Thank God for adjustable waists. Hmmm maybe I'll go tackle it right now!!

Kate said...

oooooh, that sight gives me the shivers....wait, that's what MY rooms looked like yesterday!! :D

and YAY for didn't tell me you won that, GO GIRL!!! :D :D :D

Emily said...

hey erinn, i'm taking it that because you're getting out the winter clothes that it is starting to get a bit cooler up there? it is beginning to feel like fall down here - still in the 80's but a nice change from mid 90's!
beth and i are planning on driving up with my mom for abraham's bday! we can't wait!!