Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas in Atlanta

We spent Christmas Day in Atlanta with the rest of Michael's family. It was so good to see everyone. It had been 1 1/2 years since two of his sisters have seen Abraham. We enjoyed getting to spend time with them. Abraham chased Emily's dog around the whole time and was taken with him and the cat. We got to spend some extra time with Elizabeth since she came back home with us. She was headed to New York and caught a ride with us.
We were glad to be able to make it down there even though it is one heck of a drive!

The kids table at Christmas Dinner in Atlanta

Playing with Uncle Elliott and Aunt Ibby

Uncle Elliott was a good cuddler!

Abraham chased Elwood around all 3 days he was there. Elwood didn't seem to mind but probably had more exercise in those 3 days that he has had in a while!!

Grandma Kay has this little "girl" in her bathroom that Abraham seemed to think was real. He sat next to her and carried on a conversation with her and when she didn't answer he tossed her in the tub!

Grandma Kay and Abraham

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Paul & Linda said...


I'm so glad that you have a love for "pictures"---they are a wonderful reminder of those "life events" that are woven together in the real fabric of our lives on this earth. Abraham will be able to look back and SEE those who his Heavenly Father surrounded him with that LOVE him!!! You have captured some incredible moments in the pics you have posted! Remember---"if you don't have a pic of it, it didn't happen!"

all my love, Momma :-)