Friday, November 30, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Our Thanksgiving this year was a bit different and unorthodox for our family. Kari, Joel and their crew went to Canada to see Joel's folks for Thanksgiving. Michael was fly fishing in Erie, PA right before Thanksgiving. So Mom, Dad, Abraham and I drove up to Pittsburgh to see my extended family. It had been a good 6 months since they had seen Abraham so it was a good chance to be with them and share some time. I got to meet my grandfather's fiancee, Pat, for the first time and I genuinely like her. She is very outgoing, very put together, and she keeps/puts Pap in line which is hard to do trust me! She reminds me a lot of my Nanny and of my Gramie too. They all are definitely "ladies" in every sense of the word. I was also able to meet my Uncle Scott's girlfriend, Tracy, as well. She is a keeper!

We enjoyed our time with them and were sorry when we had to head back home. I am thankful for the health of Pap and my Great Aunt Hazel (who turned 96 this year!). I pray for more years with them both.

"Happy" (as Abraham called Pappy!) and Pat

Mom and Dad

Aunt Hazel, Michael and Me

Great Great Aunt Hazel, Abraham and me

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