Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Momma!

Happy Birthday Momma, aka. Mimi! My mom and Abraham share a birthday on November 1st. Unfortunately, she tends to get the leftovers because he is, well Abraham! But this year we were able to celebrate her birthday separate from his. Michael, Abraham, me and Michael's mom Kay went over for dinner on Friday. We had a nice time together and enjoyed sitting and talking. Granted the kids didn't talk - they found every way they could to make noise and play. But it was a house full of love and fun!

Grandma Kay and Chloe chatting

Abraham in "Grandma" heaven

Abraham and Chloe - BEST BUDS! :)

Abraham is tackling Chloe because she had just spent the past 10 minutes "zurburting" (blowing air) his belly!!

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