Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Daddy, his boy and the puppy... heaven!

One of the things we truly love about this house is all the open space for us and Abraham to enjoy.. and now Clancy! Next to our house is an open space that is for community use: walking dogs, playing ball, etc. Behind it is woods with a stream at the bottom of the hill. Imagine the thrill it is for my little man and his puppy to take off with Daddy when we get home from school to see what they can find! It bring such joy to my heart to see them off together! It gives me time to get dinner on the table without Clancy being right under foot.

It is so completely evident that this is the house that God had for us. We have met so many great people in the neighborhood -- 2 other guys who like to fly fish. One guy has been over a few times to tie flies with Michael even. It is a great community and we are blessed to have our own place to call home!

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