Sunday, February 7, 2010

Abraham's finished bedroom

It's amazing what natural light can show you when you are painting. After the sun decided to come out full force today, I was able to see the spots where the wall color underneath hadn't been covered well. I spent a lot of time touching up areas like the top of the wall and some in the middle as well. But I was determined to do it, and do it WELL! (must be my daddy in me! Thanks Dad!)

Anyhow, I finished the painting and then enlisted Abraham's help to move all the stuff out of the nursery into his "new blue" room. He was actually a better helper with the moving than with the painting! :) We got it all in and organized and then Mommy collapsed on the couch for a rest! :)

I hope to get the nursery done tomorrow (and secretly hope to get the bathroom done too!) This nesting instinct is for the "birds"! HA!

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