Saturday, January 12, 2008

Christmas in Maryland

Ok, so we were a little late but hey, better late than never! We celebrated Christmas with my side of the family last Sunday. My Uncle Scott and Great Aunt Hazel drove down from Pittsburgh. Pap wasn't feeling well, so he stayed home. But we had a nice visit with them. We had a full Christmas dinner thanks to my mom, Hazel and Kari. I wish I could have claimed some of the wonderful food but nope! We opened gifts again and enjoyed each others company. Yet again, Abraham made out pretty good with toys. He'll be set for life!
It was so great to see Scott and Hazel and I am so glad that they were able to come. It has been hard to not have Christmas with my family the past few years but times like this makes it somewhat better.
Christmas is officially over!!

The "boys" - Alex, Michael, Abraham, Uncle Scott and Joel

Opening gifts

My uncle is crazy about the Steelers - that is what you get from being from Pittsburgh! Kari and Joel got him a shower curtain to match his rugs. He is in love!!

Abraham and Great Aunt Hazel opening gifts

Michael's gift - no it's not Hello Kitty! He got a Swiss Army watch from Ma and Pa Mc Andrew

Like thc good teacher that I am, I got Alex some books for Christmas. They are all creepy Crawlie animals so he'll love them!

Great Uncle Scott and the kids - he got such joy out of playing with all 3 of them. And they all LOVED having him around. We wish he'd come more often.

Me and my best friend

Momma and Poppa Mc Andrew

"My" girl and me !


The Burgess Family said...

just looked at your sight here and at the one for Moses... What a lovely family you have. I can't even imagine how hard Christmas must be for your family with the death anniversary of Moses being so close to it. Very glad to know and see that happy families are possible after such a loss, your pictures are a testiment to that! Thanks for your encouragment... Best wishes for 2008!!!

Kate said...

SOOOO thankful for OUR Christmas together...better late than never!! I love you, my best friend and am so blessed to have you in my life!! Kar