Sunday, September 2, 2007


We took Abraham to the Gunpowder River in the State Park nearby. This is one of Abe's favorite places to go (and ours!). If we let him, he'd stay in the water all day long. He doesn't care about being wet in the least. Finding rocks with daddy and throwing them back into the river keeps him occupied for long periods of time. I just love watching his face as he gets all excited with his finds. When we get a house, I sure hope it is close to water!!

I love time with Momma!

Being WET is fun!

I can find GREAT treasures in here!

Do we have to leave?? I was just getting started!

Daddy finds the coolest rocks!


Mel said...

There is nothing like getting all wet! Enjoy these last few days of freedom. It looks like Abe's war wound is healing nicely!

Tabetha said...

You got some great pic's. Brown is a great color for Abe. Sorry about the boo boo. Bethany really enjoys looking at his pictures. So now we lookat Olivia's and Abe's. Have a great day! Tabetha & Bethany